Getting started with LSA/ITS TSM backups

This service is intended for data derived from externally funded research. If you would like to use this service to backup data from other sources, please contact the office of the Associate Dean for Budget and Finance.

NOTE: This service is not suitable for laptop computers: it requires that the machine is on at the same time every day, that it have an on-campus IP address, and that it have a wired network connection with a minimum speed of 1 Gbps. If you have a laptop with data that needs to be backed up, please see the list of other backup solutions.

  1. Determine roughly how much backup space you need.

    Backup space used depends on four things:

    • the size of the data that is backed up (data set size)
    • how much data changes how often
    • how often backups are performed (default: once per day)
    • how long backups are kept (default: 14 days)

    For example, normally backups would be done once a day and kept for 14 days. If a research group has 200 GB (0.20 TB) of data to be backed up, and 10% of this data changes each day, then they can expect to use 200 GB + (200 * 0.10) * ( 14 - 1 ) = 460 GB (0.46 TB) of backup space.

    NOTE: The LSA/ITS TSM Backup Service provides 1 TB of backup space for data derived from externally funded research. Additional space is available with approval from your department chair.

  2. Sign up for the service.

    Please allow three to five business days for the sign up to be processed.

  3. Install the TSM backup clients on each system to be backed up.

    This can be done while waiting for the sign up to be processed. For assistance with installing the TSM backup client, please contact your department IT staff or We'd be glad to set things up for you, or to guide you through the process.

    Which version of the TSM client to install will depend on what operating system you are running:

If you have questions, please send an email to